Thursday, September 22, 2011

पृथ्‍वी उत्‍पत्ति हिन्‍दू धर्म ग्रंथों के अनुसार

The earth is repeatedly held to be flat. Near Baroda, Gujarat, is situated the Jambudvip institute that was set up to try to prove the Jain and Arya-Vaishnava belief that the Earth is flat.

  • Flat Earth . The earth was universally held to be flat.
  • Earth-Serpent . The earth is supported by a 1000-headed serpent.
  • Wine Sea . The earth floats in a sea of wine
  • Demonic Eclipses . 2 demons swallow the Earth and Moon, leading thereby to eclipses.
  • Trillion-Year-Old Universe . The universe is 26 trillion years old as per the numbers cooked up by some rishi.
  • 700,000 mile Mt. Meru . Mt Meru is 100,000 times higher than Mt. Everest.
  • Dung Medicine . Ayurvedic medicine contains urine and dung of various animals as ingredients.
  • Alcohol Universe . The universe is filled with alcohol.

A whole set of nonsense is propagated in the Vedas and Puranas :
  • The wind drives the stars around the pole according to the Vayu Purana [al B i 241]
  • The Pancavimsa Brahmana wanted to measure the distance between heaven to Earth by imagining 1000 cows placed on top of each other [ S & T xvi.8.1 and xxi.19 ].
  • Sun journeys from east to west in a chariot drawn by 7 horses [ Panda 69 ].
  • Moon came out after the ocean was churned by the devas and demons [ Panda 69 ].
  • 27 stars = 27 wives of the moon [ Panda 69 ].
  • 2 demons Rahu and Ketu swallow the Sun and moon periodically, leading to eclipses.


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